Hi Spring Valley Families!
On October 26, 2017, Spring Valley Elementary PTA will be holding our Second Annual Fun Run fundraiser and all students will participate.   All monies raised will go towards:
- Supporting SVE technology initiatives such as having computers in all classrooms for the students.
- Fulfilling teacher wish lists for their classroom
- Funding PBIS Support Programs
- Funding our Fine Arts programs including Cultural Nights
- Providing our teachers monthly Teacher's Appreciation First Friday Treats
The Run consists of two parts:
a. The run itself, which is up to 1 Mile and will take place at Spring Valley Elementary on Occtober 26 2017. To prepare for the run, we encourage students to make Healthy and Active lifestyle choices that will benefit them not just for the Spring Valley Fun Run but far into the future as well.
b. Fundraising leading up to the run. This is an opportunity for students to do well and give back to the school, all while learning the ins and outs of soliciting donations. We support students in the process and give them the tools for success. With online technology and some old-fashioned door-knocking (only with a Parent or Guardian), our child will learn perseverance, gratitude, and how to raise funds for a good cause.  Please sign below to acknowledge receipt and to allow our child to take part in the Spring Valley Fun Run.
Please complete the form below to acknowledge that your child may take part in the school’s fun run and in the fundraising activities.